Friday, November 15, 2013

Antique Picture Frames | California Inspired

Hi guys!!

I don't know if you guys have seen a few pictures I've posted on my Instagram and if you noticed my main picture of my three beautiful picture frames, but I wanted to give you guys a little story of my inspiration.

During the summer, we received the summer 2013 issue of California Home + Design, the Color Comes Home and I was so inspired. Scanning it, like I love to do with the magazines when we get them fresh from the mailman, I saw a lot of awesome articles and images.

A few articles in the magazine had a cover page with different pictures of the state of California, well they were more like art pieces. However, the piece that really caught my eye was the one that is similar to the main cover page, shown above. I decided to trace it out and create a piece for my living area. I had a few old wood frames that I bought from a store for around $3-5 each that I had no clue what I would do. One day I decided to start sanding them and spray painted them with the left over paint that I had from my side table, then glued the California piece to a cream color paper (thick paper so that it will not be too flimsy) and came up with this:

In the magazine, it featured some color pieces for various rooms; one feature was for an Etsy print artist  called RococcoLA. I purchased their image called Vintage Revolver, Butterflies and Flowers, from this California artist and put it on the second picture frame. The colors match really well and don't clash at all. 

The last picture frame is one of my favorites and my very own creation of the Bay Area California Bear. I decided to incorporate the areas where I have been apart of all my life from Oakland to Richmond. What I did is that I looked for a picture of a bear and I zoomed it out, trimmed it out with an x-acto knife, got a map of the Bay Area and put it together (I will do a tutorial soon to show you guys how to do your own). And WALA! 

Now I have these wonderful pictures together to represent the lovely place where I am from. 

Hope you guys enjoyed, please leave a comment below and tell me what you guys think! 'Til next time...

Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Subway Tile Splash - My Lovely Work in Progress

Hi guys!

The last couple of weeks I have been working on this awesome idea I found on Apartment Therapy's website of this woman's idea for a cool, inexpensive, tile splash made out of cork. I really wanted to do something cool and unique to my kitchen. Something that will liven up the place since I tend to be in that part of the apartment the most, since I love to cook. However, since it isn't my own place, I really didn't want to spend so much and I wanted to be easily removed later after my lease is over and I decide to relocate.

This is what you will need:
- any color acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart's Acrylic Satin Paint in the color, Cloud)
- a roll of cork material (I used Elmer's Cork Roll, but it is really fragile, so I would recommend buying some a little more sturdy and thick)
- paint brush (I like to buy a little better quality brush since I did not want the hairs on the brush to come off)
-scissors or x-acto knife
-glue gun (I tried to use a double sided foam tape from the dollar store, but the tiles would get unstuck the next day)
-a little tray to put your paint
-a ruler

What I did is that I wanted my tiles to be 3"x6" so I used a pen and a ruler to line up the cork. Like I mentioned above, the cork that I purchased was pretty flimsy so I kind of wasted some material when I was cutting, so I tried to use the most of it to get as many tiles as I could without any tears. 

After I cut some tiles, I then put some paint in my small tray. Every time it would slowly run out, I would put a tad bit more so that I do not finish all of the paint at once. To get a good color, you would probably need to do 2-3 coats of paint after you let the first coat dry for an 1-2 hours. 

Make sure you clean the area with soap and water before you start gluing your tiles. If you have outlets, measure the area where the tile outlets will be cut off so that it looks clean and even. I used the glue gun to dab some glue and all four corners so that isn't super sticky and is easy to remove later. One key thing, measure where the tile will go prior to gluing the piece and sticking on wall. If you glue it and then you decide, "oh no, that is not right, or it is not straight", your tile might not be reusable and you will waste that tile (I learned the hard way).

And this is a close up of how it looked the night before. I am still working on it off and on since it does take a little time, but so far it looks great. 

If you want to see a finished splash please check out Michelle's Sweet and Eclectic Home:

I will post my finished work as soon as I am all done with it. Please post a comment and let me know what you guys think so far.

Thank you guys for stopping by :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Fun-day - Thrift Shopping

I love Sundays!

The boyfriend and I decided to stop by Urban Ore to have a little adventure and see what treasures we could find. As we were walking in, of course I felt like we are in heaven.

We decided to head first to the chair section (one of my favorite sections of the store, of course) since I am looking to create a small section in my living room area for a small dining table since my apartment doesn't have a location built for it. 

I found three chairs that I loved!!! All three chairs on the right of each picture, were the ones I fell in love with. In the first picture, I looooove the back of the chair since it is sculpted to a slight angle. The other two chairs have great backs as well, but the detail on the legs are what spoke out at me the most. I had to walk away from these finds, since well, first I have to find a table. :( I was not very happy to let them go... 

My mom showed me a secret location inside the store where they have new arrival items that are getting ready to be put on the floor for sale. The boyfriend and I decided to check it out and I am sure glad I did because I found this beauty. I am glad my mom is such a frequent shopper that they remembered and gave me a GREAT deal for it. I brought this baby home. :)

We thought our adventure was over so we decided to get some chinese on our way home at a local chinese restaurant near my house, but then we saw that the thrift shop across the street had a 25% off Autumn Sale. The name of the store is Redux Studios & Gallery

A while back I met the manager of the store and I mentioned that I was looking for a two tear side table and he said he will keep an eye out for it. He sure did! I sure lucked out because, again I got an amazing deal. That 25% discount really helped my budget and it was great to finally get it to add it to my living area!

The last purchase I made from Redux were these awesome 1961 Disney pop-out books. 
Great for my future children ;-).

I love these two great stores!! I will be working on these pieces and soon post up pictures.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just a little TLC

Hi Everyone!! 

I wanted to share with all of you my very first creative find, my little side table. 

I went shopping one day on my own at one of my favorite thrift shops, Urban Ore in Berkeley and found this cute little side table. When I look for furniture, I usually look at all details the piece has. For example, I look at the legs, the quality of the wood, and I try to study the time period the piece was made.

This poor little table was so flimsy. It looked like it was missing a third drawer since all they left behind were the nails that went with them. What made me fall in love with this little table were the legs. I loved how the legs angled on the sides but were straight at the same time, and the ripple affect of the table top edge. Just a lovey table that needed a little TLC. The table itself only cost me $5!! I had no idea what or where to put it or really, what to do with it.  

I ended up buying some gorilla glue to eliminate the flimsy-ness of the table and secure it a little. I took off the nails that were left when the third drawer was taken or broken off. I bought some Montana White spray paint from Blick Art Store in Berkeley and painted this lovely table (so sorry, I forgot the color names, but I will get back to you on that since I will paint other things in my living room with these same colors to implement them in the room). 

At my job, sometimes we get remnants from client's kitchens or bathrooms and most of the time are dumped in the trash. I found this beautiful marble called, Namib Sky which is white with blue crystals in it that ties in the colors that I painted the piece. 

Originally I bought same drawer handles from Cost Plus World Market for like $3 each. However, I went one day with the boyfriend to Ohmega Salvage and found some crystal handles and had to switch them since it gave it a little more vintage feel.

And TADA!!!

All done..! I wish I could of shown you the sanding and painting process, it was not so hard especially since it's just a small table. However, I will show you guys next time the bookshelf that I found from Urban Ore that came from UCB and I am planning to put my new TV. 

Thanks again for stopping by and 'til next time!

So sorry for my disneyland pink flip flops. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome To My Own Little Space

Hello, hello, good day!

Welcome, welcome to my very first post! Woohoo!

I like to start this first post with a little story about my lovely, tiny, bachelorette apartment in the lovely little town of Alameda, California. Alameda is a small town 20 minutes from San Francisco, and five minutes from Oakland and the airport.

Not only is Alameda known for it's BEAUTIFUL Victorian houses, but it's also known for it's famous Art Deco movie theater designed by architect, Timothy L. Pflueger. He is also the designer of the Paramount Theater in Oakland and Castro Theater in San Francisco.

The reason I chose this location to live in is because it's in between my family and work. Another reason is it's a homie environment, it is a little hidden treasure in the bay area. There are several restaurants and bars that make the environment young and lively and of course, I get to walk to movies or to dinner (especially if I am too lazy to cook).

Another great perk about Alameda is all the amazing thrift shops and antique shops you can find on Park St. I love exploring each shop and finding a new DIY project. I hear that Alameda has a monthly flea market where people put their antiques for sale, I definitely have to check that out.

And now I will show you my little bachelorette pad, my little space that is totally my canvas:

LOL, don't mind my little pink blender, that was my very first housewarming gift from my boyfriend.

Well, that is all until next time. Next post I will show you what I plan to do with the living room. I am so EXCITED!