Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just a little TLC

Hi Everyone!! 

I wanted to share with all of you my very first creative find, my little side table. 

I went shopping one day on my own at one of my favorite thrift shops, Urban Ore in Berkeley and found this cute little side table. When I look for furniture, I usually look at all details the piece has. For example, I look at the legs, the quality of the wood, and I try to study the time period the piece was made.

This poor little table was so flimsy. It looked like it was missing a third drawer since all they left behind were the nails that went with them. What made me fall in love with this little table were the legs. I loved how the legs angled on the sides but were straight at the same time, and the ripple affect of the table top edge. Just a lovey table that needed a little TLC. The table itself only cost me $5!! I had no idea what or where to put it or really, what to do with it.  

I ended up buying some gorilla glue to eliminate the flimsy-ness of the table and secure it a little. I took off the nails that were left when the third drawer was taken or broken off. I bought some Montana White spray paint from Blick Art Store in Berkeley and painted this lovely table (so sorry, I forgot the color names, but I will get back to you on that since I will paint other things in my living room with these same colors to implement them in the room). 

At my job, sometimes we get remnants from client's kitchens or bathrooms and most of the time are dumped in the trash. I found this beautiful marble called, Namib Sky which is white with blue crystals in it that ties in the colors that I painted the piece. 

Originally I bought same drawer handles from Cost Plus World Market for like $3 each. However, I went one day with the boyfriend to Ohmega Salvage and found some crystal handles and had to switch them since it gave it a little more vintage feel.

And TADA!!!

All done..! I wish I could of shown you the sanding and painting process, it was not so hard especially since it's just a small table. However, I will show you guys next time the bookshelf that I found from Urban Ore that came from UCB and I am planning to put my new TV. 

Thanks again for stopping by and 'til next time!

So sorry for my disneyland pink flip flops. :)


  1. I luv this table it looks so fresh and colors are perfect. Keep up the awsome designs Vetty!

    1. Thanks Cla…! Stay tuned with more DIY projects… :)